Our story


It all started with Alain Coumont, a chef from Brussels. When he opened his own restaurant in Brussels, he couldn’t find the right type of bread so he decided to bake it himself. Because of the positive feedback, he decided to open his own bakery in Brussels: Le Pain Quotidien. After only a few months, he opended 10 more branches where he could distribute the authentic bread Alain grew up with. Because of the fast expansion, Alain soon had to look for a business partner.

Top-notch quality & craftsmanship

In 2003, the Bellona Patis bakery in Ninove was destroyed in a fire. Because at that time Le Pain Quotidien wanted to expand its production in Brussels, they decided to build a new production space in Ninove, where they could accommodate both bakeries and turn it into 1. This brand new organic bakery later was called “l’Atelier du Pain”. Here you only find bakers with a real passion for food and craftsmanship, who see top-notch quality as a priority.

Business is growing in sync with the customer demands

Due to the success of Le Pain Quotidien, for which we develop exclusive recipes, we are growing together with our customers. Also, we were able to convince different partners in foodservice, catering and retail of our quality. Today, our products are available far outside the Belgian borders. Depending on the needs of our customers and the logistic possibilities, we deliver fresh or frozen products. Because consumers are always looking for variation, we anticipate trends and seasons. Every season, we surprise our customers by offering creative solutions for bread, viennoiserie and patisserie.

Our products

Broden, stokbroden, kleinbrood


Each bread is hand-made by real, passionate bakers, and therefor is unique. We only use 4 ingredients: flower, water, salt and ... time! Thanks to the long production process lasting eight to nine hours (rather than three or four), the dough has enough time to develop a full flavour and structure. Because we also bake on stone, our organic breads – made with sourdough and without preservatives – are given their characteristic slightly acidic flavour. This process results in a bread that is more crispy, fresh for a longer time and easy to digest.



The switch from conventional viennoiserie towards organic products took a lot of preparation. Only after a long quest for top-notch suppliers of organic ingredients and a whole battery of tests were we able to offer a varied range of viennoiserie, almost 100% organic but with the same natural, full flavour, good crispiness and light structure.



Our patisserie range features organic and conventional products alongside each other. Importantly though, all products are made by hand, the traditional way. This craft approach ensures that they look and taste totally authentic. And because flavour is our number-one priority, we use only high-quality ingredients.


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Tel: +32 54 51 59 10
E: info@latelierdupain.be

Do you want a job at L'Atelier du Pain or do you want to work as a baker? Don’t hesitate and apply! You can send your cover letter and CV to hr@latelierdupain.be